Currently Closed to New Opportunities

I do apologize as we have already met our hiring quota for Appointment Setters. 

Please follow @spindoxle on twitter  or keep focus on facebook high ticket groups for upcoming opportunities. Thank you for your consideration.

New to Appointment Getting?

The Spindoxle Agency is looking to expand our book of business for the year of 2023.

We want to offer an opportunity for you, to step into the world of sales as an appointment getter.

Pick up an Invaluable Skill - Sales

NO business can ever exist without sales. 

Sales is a necessary skill in helping prospective customers and clients determine if your product is a good fit for them and convincing them that said product will be the best outcome for their hard earned investment. 

Knowing sales will not only get you to understand how widgets move in a company, but also provide for you, a gift to make money and a comfortable career.



What is Appointment Setting?

Appointment Setting is usually the first communicative point of contact between a prospect and a company such as The Spindoxle Agency. 

Creating that initial point of contact to help the prospect (A person or company that has intent on requiring what we have to sell) To determine if the prospect can meet requirements for us to work with them and for our sales staff to determine if we can provide a solution to help them with their problems.

We prefer to have our Appointment Setters prospect through various channels, including social media Direct Messaging, Cold Calling and Cold E-mail

This opportunity will help you learn and achieve a great skill, a great determination and with all of the hard work, an income potential.

The Program.

Our goal, is to take trainees that are accepted into the program, to learn about the entire sales cycle. We have created a complete, end to end sales program for you to understand  all of the mechanics behind sales, from prospecting (the process of finding ideal clients,) to vetting prospects and scheduling a closer call to closing and sending the deal off to project mangement (the delivery phase)

In two weeks, here is what you will learn working with The Spindoxle Agency:

What's In It For You?

What you will receive as an appointment setter for The Spindoxle Agency:

For each call that turns into a closed sale, you get 10%. No low $50-$100 per closed sale. Most of our deals range from $3000 to $5000+. So right off the bat, you get a potential of $500 to $850+ pay for each deal I close. I will pay weekly upon when the client pays us. It’s a win-win.

The potential OTE for this position is based on 10 closed deals per month that you send over.  That OTE could potentially be $5,000 to $8500+

You will also have a virtual office, complete with phone, email address, access to CRM, for cold email, Slack for comms and more. 

We will have weekly coaching calls via Zoom. I will also reach out one-on-one to help you performance tune your strategy and goals. 

The Services/Products

With The Spindoxle Agency, we have a range of products in the spaces of Social Media Marketing and Management, Website Design and Development, Brand Development, Content Development and new, Cold E-Mail Outreach. 

Of course there are a ton of agencies  out there looking for appointment setters and closers. What makes us different?


The response rate has been nothing short of insane. I have had probably about  20 people already inquire about this program and I am looking to start with five appointment setters. 

Again, this is going to be a crazy next couple of weeks to get you started. 

If you have to do this part time, that is understood until you can ramp up your production to comfortably live off of this. 

I would like for you to have a solid commitment to learning and doing as you are learning this new skill. 

To get started, click the button below to book a call on Calendly. 

I am looking forward to discussing this opportunity with you

Tommy Howell

Founder, The Spindoxle Agency

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Thank you for your interest in Spindoxle. If you prefer to reach us directly, please call Tommy at 848 224 9138. Either way, we look forward to chatting with you in the very near future!

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