Just Results.

Breaking Down Our Agencie's Services To Just the A,B,C's of it.



A is for Advertising. Advertising as in you having a product or service that the public needs and you want to have more business. 

Spindoxle finds opportunities to market your business and optimizes the channels in order to lower your cost per acquisition.


B is for Brands. Branding is just not a logo or a set of colors or the vibe/tonalities that you want to set for your customers. 

Branding is creating the identifiers and memorable experiences that your customers, prospects and clients will be able to identify and recall who you are. Great for referrals, great for those who want to recall their experiences with your business.


C is for Content. How will the world know about your expert knowledge and experience in your field of expertise. 

Spindoxle can work with you on building the perfect content marketing strategy, rather it is social media, blog content, website content or video content. 

What Industries Can Benefit From Spindoxle's Services?

Even if we haven’t listed your business, we may be able to help you reach your goals. 

Contact us and let’s get that conversation started to see if Spindoxle is right for you!

Who did we help? What did we do for them?


Tommy Howell (The Myth, The Man, The Legend)

The name may look familiar. We were previously known as Howell Digital. 

After making some discoveries in life and becoming way less of a person (After losing a lot of weight.) I decided that I was not satisfied in continuing with the Howell Digital name. 

The Spindoxle name was a crazy brain vomit from a long time ago that had more recently found itself in the lexicon. From there, I decided that a new name has been found. 

I have decided to restart the business as a truly virtualized model, having staff from around the country and the globe. I also did away with my office. I like mobility. Being stuck in one place is something that I do not like. I believe pivoting is the best way to find out more about yourself, learning new things and grow. 

Howell Digital’s Legacy will live on through Spindoxle. The top tier services and ideas and excellence will remain, although in a completely new light.

I have my hobbies outside of running Spindoxle. I like to chat on Ham Radio (callsign K2TJH,) paint (yes, those are my paintings in the background) Cook low carb foods, Enjoy the Shore, Fix my project Scion XB (still needs an engine, heh) and occasionally find time for playing billiards in Toms River. 

So, do you want to have a conversation then?

Awesome, well then, we want to have a conversation with you as well! 

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You can either reach Tommy at Spindoxle at +1 848 224 9138 

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